Comfort Foods
  • Baked Cheese Manicotti
    Tubes of fresh pasta stuffed with a Romano laced ricotta cheese. Served with our house tomato sauce. 

  • Baked Scrod Supreme
    Sweet fresh codfish is rolled around a stuffing of crabmeat, whole butter, white wine, celery, onions, and Ritz. Served with a lemon butter garlic sauce and garnished with a gulf shrimp. 

  • Fettuccini Bolognaise
    Our version of this tradition favorite has fresh ground veal, onion, garlic and sage slowly simmered with plum tomatoes and veal stock. Served tossed with a touch of fresh cream for good measure. 

  • General Tso's Chicken
    A great Oriental preparation of spicy sauce, chunks of battered chicken breast, and broccoli florettes. 

  • Asian Favorites
    Let our chefs break out the cleavers and chopsticks! Lo Mein noodles, sweet and sour chicken, general Tso's, and fried rice combinations. 

  • All the Parmesans
    Breaded and deep fried, and smother with our house tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Your choice of eggplant, chicken, veal, or tofu! 

  • Stuffed Shells
    Jumbo imported shells stuffed with ricotta cheese, Romano, fresh herbs, and select seasonings. Served with either a delicious tomato cream sauce or a fresh marinara sauce. 

  • Traditional Meat or Vegetable Lasagna
    Classic preparation for both, the meat lasagna has layers of ground beef, tomato sauce, noodles, and ricotta cheese. The Vegetable version has layers of creamy cheese, vegetables, noodles, and a special sauce. 

  • Sole or Chicken Francaise
    Tender fillet of sole or boneless chicken breast is sautéed with a fresh egg batter, Romano cheese, and fresh herbs. 

  • Yankee Pot Roast
    Great for family style dinners. Slow roasted in a beef stock with carrots, bliss potatoes, and whole onions. Served with a rich brown country gravy. 

  • Baked Ziti
    Ground beef and sausage sautéed with onions, combined with three cheeses and our own tomato sauce. 

  • Tom's Famous Mac n' Cheese
    Just like Grandma's! Baked with imported cheeses, cream, and seasonings. OR! Try one of our spins- lobster mac' or buffalo chicken mac' 

  • Stuffed Cabbage or Peppers
    Old world favorites! Made with our store ground beef and rice. 

  • Veal or Chicken Marsala
    Sautéed tender chucks of meat and sliced mushrooms are deglazed with Cribari Marsala and finished with an aromatic stock or rich demi-glaze 

  • Mini Meatballs
    Free-formed mini meatballs can take on whatever flavor is calling your name: Swedish, Tom's own red sauce, bourbon, sweet and sour, teriyaki and sweet and sour! 

  • Beef Burgundy
    The French would be proud! Top round beef slowly roast with sliced mushrooms and burgundy wine. Pair with our death-by-butter smashed potatoes for a real treat! 

  • Sausage and Peppers
    Our own store-made sausage, either hot or sweet, grilled and served with peppers and either our award winning tomato sauce or traditional olive oil and seasonings. 

  • Shepard's Pie
    Layers of ground Angus beef, gravy, corn, and mashed potatoes 

  • Sauteed Liver and Onion
    You won't find this on any menu anywhere! Done the old fashioned with plenty of butter. 

  • Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo
    A staple at any Italian restaurant! 

  • Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo
    A staple at any Italian restaurant! 

  • Baby Back Ribs
    Sweet and meaty- these pork ribs are slow simmered until tender with our house BBQ sauce. 

  • American Chop Suey
    One of our top-selling items! No description needed! 

  • Bean Pot Baked Beans
    Made with salt pork, roasted onions, BBQ sauce and ketchup. 

  • Tom's Boneless or Bone-in Chicken Wings
    Over ten varieties to choose from including: BBQ, Buffalo, Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard, Orange Marmalade, Honey Sriracha, Bourbon, Buff-a-Que, Carolina Style, Garlic Parmesan, Thai Peanut, and Cucumber Wasabi. 

  • Chicken Fingers and Tater Tots
    Is there really anything better? Stick with traditional, or flavor-sauce your tenders and load your tots. 

  • Pasta Salads, Potato Salads, and More!
    Here are just some samplings of what we do: Bleu cheese potato salad; Irish potato salad; Lemon orzo pasta salad; Sicilian pasta salad; Sundried tomato pasta salad; Ranch macaroni salad; Sweet potatoes, lentil and quinoa salad; Shrimp, faro, and kale salad; Wheat berry salad; Classic potato salad; and many, many more!!! 

  • Chicken Pot Pie
    As classic as it gets- chunks of white meat chicken are surrounded by gravy, peas and carrots and topped with a buttery and flakey crust 

  • Bakery-Style Pizzas
    These pizzas are meant to be served room-temperature. Your choice of traditional RI red sauce; pepperoni and cheese; or assorted toppings. Feel free to get creative! 

  • Hot Sandwich Fillings
    We'll provide the "fillings", if you're bringing the rolls. Choose from fillings like mini meatballs, steak and cheese, sausage and peppers, chicken fijitas, pulled pork, buffalo chicken bites, pulled BBQ chicken, chicken parmesan tenders, and more! 

  • Hot Dogs and Beans
    Our slow-cooked bean pot baked beans with diced Hebrew National hot dogs. 

  • Market-Made Gourmet Potato Chips
    Market-Made Gourmet Potato Chips are served with your choice of three sauces. Choose From: Gorgonzola, Sweet Chili, Boom Boom, Ranch, and Horseradish Jus 

  • Restaurant Appetizers
    Choose between a variety of these restaurant-app staples: Spicy jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, coconut shrimp, pigs n' a blanket, Phili cheese steak eggrolls, onion rings, beer-battered shrimp, quesadillas, crab cakes, chicken satay, Potstickers, and mini chicken Chimichangas! 

  • Make-Your-Own Nachos
    Let your guests add their own toppings and fixings, to create the ultimate nacho combos. Use these ingrdients to help! Tri-Colored Tortilla Chips, BBQ Pulled Pork and Seasoned Beef, Shredded Cheese, Diced Tomatoes, Shredded Lettuce, Black Beans, Diced Red Onion, Black Olives, Sliced Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Salsa, and Guacamole 

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