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Breakfast Menu Options

Mix and match, one or some from each category. Your staff will never be bored with the endless possibilities!! 
All options can include disposable supplies, tablecloth and chafing dishes if needed.

Use the "Breakfast and Brunch Menus" to the Right as guidence as well as our MENUS tab 


Cinnamon Buns, Turnovers, Muffins, Scones, Danish, and more!


Fresh Fruit Salad 
Sliced Fresh Fruit Platter 
Individual Peices of Fruit

Breakfast Entrees

Assorted Frittata 
Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Chives 
Cinnamon French Toast with Maple Syrup 
Buttermilk Pancakes with Maple Syrup 
Belgian Waffles with Strawberries and Whipped Cream 
Breakfast Burritos with Salsa

Breakfast Sides

Oven Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary
Traditional Home Fries 
Sweet Potato Home Fries 
Hash Brown Patties 
Creamy Grits with Country Butter 
Baked Beans Corned Beef Hash

Breakfast Meats

Oven Fried Sausage or Bacon 
Sliced Breakfast Ham 
Sirloin Breakfast Steaks

Other Items

Assorted Cereal with Milk 
Oatmeal with Brown Sugar and Molasses 
Assorted Yogurts


Regular and Decaf Coffee 
Individual Bottled Juices 
Bottled Water 

Call 1-401-826-0050 or email
Our staff will be happy to help you and offer suggestions with your order!!



Boxed Lunches

Sandwich/Side Selections

Mix and match from any category to create a personalized lunch

If offering selections to the office, we recommend pre-selecting 4-5 lunch options for employees to choose from

Sandwich Combinations

Wraps, Bulkie, Torpedo, Croissant, Rye, Ciabatta or Portuguese Rolls 
Smoked Turkey with Provolone and Vidalia Onion Relish 
Baked Virginia Ham with Swiss and Honey Mustard 
Shaved Roast Beef with Cheddar and Horseradish Sauce 
Sliced BBQ Chicken with Jack Cheese and Hot peppers 
Willow Tree Chicken Salad 
Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad 
Buffalo Chicken with Ranch and Blue Cheese 
Oven Roasted Turkey with Sweet Potato and Chipotle Mayonnaise 
Traditional or Italian Tuna 
Italian Cold Cuts with Roasted Peppers and Provolone 
Sliced Pesto Chicken with Cajun Slaw and Jack Cheese 
Sundried Tomato Chicken with Baby Arugula and Swiss 
Roasted Pork with Boursin Cheese and Romaine 
Grilled Vegetable with balsamic Glaze 
Alfalfa Sprouts with Roasted Peppers, Alouette, and Artichokes 
Sliced Liverwurst with Red Onion, Iceberg, and Yellow Mustard 
Boar’s Head Black Forest Ham with Country Mustard, Gouda, and Bitter Greens 


Dill and Chive Potato Salad 
Traditional Potato Salad 
Egg and Potato Salad 
Baked Potato and Cheddar Salad 
Red Bliss Potato Salad 
Shells and Broccoli Pasta Salad 
Sicilian Pasta Salad 
Ranch Macaroni Pasta Salad 
Penne Feta Pasta Salad 
Traditional Cole Slaw 
Oil and Vinegar Cole Slaw 


Chocolate Chip 
White Chocolate Macadamia 
English Toffee 
Oatmeal Raisin 
Peanut Butter 
Double Chocolate 


Stone Fruit 


Lay’s Varieties Chips 
(Regular, Sour Cream and Onion, Salt and Vinegar) 
Smart Food Popcorn 


Selections from Coca Cola, Snapple, Arizona, Stewarts, Glaceau Vitamin Water, and Poland Spring

Box Lunch also includes cutlery kit and condiments

Call 1-401-826-0050 or email
Our staff will be happy to help you and offer suggestions with your order!!

Simple Bagged Lunch Option

Includes sandwich, chip, cookie, soda or water


Sandwich Platters

All sandwiches are cut in 1/2's for guests to enjoy different options.

Please enjoy from the pre-selected combinations below, or customize a sandwich platter with using our sandwich selections from the Boxed Lunch Menu above


Sandwich Platter- Wraps

Assorted wraps to include Turkey, Virginia Ham, Shaved Roast Beef, Grilled Vegetable and Tuna with appropriate cheeses and condiments.


Sandwich Platter- Bulkie Rolls

Assorted Bulkie Rolls filled with Willow Tree Chicken Salad, Roasted Turkey, Country Ham, Tom's Own Roast Beef, and Italian Cold Cuts. Served with appropriate cheeses and condiments.


Ciabatta Platter

Delicious soft and chewy rolls filled with Black Forest Ham and Gouda, Pesto Chicken, Smoked Turkey and Vidalia Onion, Grilled BBQ Pork, and Fried Eggplant with Bourisn, Roasted Peppers and Alouette.


Deluxe Sandwich Platter

A gourmet mixture of the finest meats, cheeses, on assorted rolls, wraps, ciabattas, and bulkies. Sliced in half for your staff to enjoy!!


Build Your Own Sandiwich Platters

Each person has the opportunity to make thier own sandiwich creation

Classic Deli Platter

A classic combination of Virginia Ham, Rare Roast Beef, Genoa Salami, Smoked Turkey, American, Swiss, and Provolone Cheese. Served with NY Style Rolls, Lettuce/Tomato/Onion Platter and individual condiments.


Italian Deli Platter

Proscuitto, Mortadella, Genoa Salami, Capicola, Imported Ham, and Sliced Pepperoni served with Cheddar, Provolone, and Mozzarella Cheese. Includes NY Style Rolls, Lettuce/Tomato/Onion Platter and Individual condiments.


Deli Salad Platter

Our famous Chicken, Ham, Tuna, Turkey, and Seafood Salads served with NY Style Rolls.




Build Your Own Sandwich Platter Sides/ Add-ons

  • Tossed Garden, Classic Ceasar, or Mesclune Salad
  • Individual Bags of Chips
  • Bakery Cookies and/or Brownies
  • Any of our house-made pasta or potato salads
    • Selections include but not limited to: Dill and Chive Potato Salad, Tradtional Potato Salad, Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad, Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad, Grilled Vegetable Salad, Sweet Potato Quinoa and Lentil Salad, Shells and Broccoli Pasta Salad, Scicilian Pasta Salad, and many, many more!!!


Selections from Coca Cola, Snapple, Arizona, Stewarts, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Dels, NAKED and Boathouse Juice Products and Poland Spring


Lunch Buffet Ideas- Themed

Please reveiw our "Lunch and Dinner Buffet Menus" to the right side of the screen.

All menus can be custom created by mixing and matching items from different menus and categories to create a truly personizled menu. 

Personalized proposals can be done once a menu is selected and a guest count is provided as well as if the food will be delivered vs picked up from one of our three market locations- Coventry, Warren, or Tiverton.

*Prices subject to change due to guest count, product availability, and seasonal fluctuations. The per person price may be recalculated if your guest count increases or decreases by 10%



Selections from Coca Cola, Snapple, Arizona, Stewarts, Glaceau Vitamin Water, and Poland Spring


Fresh Baked Cookies 
Gourmet Brownies 
Assorted Dessert and Pastries Tray 
Italian Pastry Tray- Lemon Egg Biscuits, Almond Biscotti, Sfogliatelle, and Petite Cannolis
Carrot Cake or Chocolate Truffle "Bombs"
Assorted Mini Lunchbox Pies- Apple, Blueberry, Chocolate, and Lemon 
Warm Apple Crisp with Whipped Cream 
Warm Strawberry Rhubard Bake with Oatmeal Crisp

Warm Bread Pudding


For The Mid-Morning/Afternoon Break

A little something when the meetings are scheduled for the entire day.....

Imported and Domestic Cheese Platter 
Fresh Vegetable Crudités with Assorted Dips 
Mediterranean “Meze” Platter 
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad 

Tom's Own Kettle Cooked Potato Chips with a Quartet of Dips

Looking for more ideas? Visit our "Cold Stationary Platters Menu" to the right hand side



Multiple Days of Meetings? Let us help plan different menus and styles for each day!

Email us at or for help!




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